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This all-in-one program is designed to guarantee you results! Our 3-Tier System (Nutrition, Fitness, and Accountability) provides you with all of the tools to help you reach your goals!

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“An awesome group of people that want to get back in shape with a leader (Scott Campbell) that makes you keep moving it up a notch so you can meet your goals. I love everything about this place and motivation is thru the roof. Come give it a try. I love that he prays with us and for us each day before we start pouring out our sweat.”

-Donna C.

“Great facility with staff that really cares. If you are looking to reach your fitness goals this is the place to go!“

-Wilson T.

“I am on week 3 of the 6 week challenge and it is hard, not going to lie, if you haven’t worked out for awhile. But if you are looking for someone to workout with and hold you accountable for your actions in health you can’t find a better place to go than Pell City Fitness. Coach Scott and the other coaches are there to help you see progress, not just sit around and pretend to work out on the equipment. Your equipment is your body. Move that stuff and you will see progress.”

-Richella H.

“Pell City Fitness offers you the opportunity to change yourself and the ability to make positive changes to your body and your mind. You will see positive results and so will the people around you. The Coaches are informative, always willing to help and very supportive. There are lots of class times to pick from. Highly recommended but be warned…you’re probably going to fall in love with Pell City Fitness and then yourself!”

-Brandy P.

“Awesome, clean atmosphere encouraging people all around great place. Blessed to be there.”

-Amanda A.

“Very supportive and encouraging. Absolutely love it there. They are helping me physically, mentally and spiritually. So glad I joined ????“

-Lori V.

“Even if you don’t like working out, you’ll love this gym. They are just so dang welcoming and good at modifying for beginners. You can do this, no matter what shape you are in.“

-Neil A.


Pell City Fitness is a judgment-free weight loss facility and the premier strength and conditioning gym in Pell City, Alabama. We offer a variety of programs including PCFit Camp (Bootcamp/HIIT) and CrossFit. With over 300 members and 8,000 sq/ft of training area, we are also the largest fitness studio in the area.

Other amenities include: Newly remodeled facility and bathrooms, massage therapy, premium equipment, and some of the best fitness trainers and weight loss coaches in the business.