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Pell City Fitness: Pell City’s original and longest-standing CrossFit affiliate.

CrossFit training is: Constantly Varied Functional Fitness Performed at a High Intensity.

1. Constantly Varied – We do something different every day.
2. Functional Fitness – We only do movements that are practical in everyday life.
3. Performed at a High Intensity – Everything we do is against a clock. It is you vs you.

CrossFit is perfect for the competitive personality as the structured nature of the workouts lends itself to competitive scoring. Pair that with attentive coaches who are constantly teaching and making sure that our athletes are being safe and you have the perfect recipe for RESULTS!

CrossFit is ideal for those looking to add lean muscle mass and test the limits of what you think your body is capable of

Constantly Varied

High Intensity

Functional Movement

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