What are the MasterClass Programs about?

These programs are designed for all abilities and we love beginners! You do not need to come with any experience, just be ready to work hard!

Fully commit to the entire length of the program. There will be difficult workouts and challenges. I want participants who will see it through to the end!

Be disciplined enough to apply the nutrition habits. The program does not work without your consistency and efforts. You WILL see results as long as you follow the plan.

Understand that all transformations are welcome. These programs won't be solely about losing weight, and everyone may come with a different goal in mind. That's what makes the masterclasses unique!

Be willing to take before and after pictures so you're able to track your progress. Results don't only come from a scale, being able to SEE the results will help keep you motivated. 

Have respect for your fellow masterclass members, coach, and the rules of the Private Facebook MasterClass Group and come with a positive attitude. 

30-day Beginner's Challenge

The 30-Day Beginner's Challenge is for anyone who needs a fresh start and wants to rebuild their foundation! This masterclass includes a training program, nutrition plan & access to the 30-Day Challenge video library. You will also get access to the challenge's Private Facebook Group with past and present challengers.

60-Day Jump-Start Challenge

The Jump-Start Challenge is for either graduates of the Beginner's Challenge or anyone with a solid foundation but a desire to put their transformation in high gear! Includes training, nutrition and the Jump-Start video library. You will also have access to the Private 60-Day Jump-Start Challenge Facebook Group.

VIP Champion MasterClass

The Champion MasterClass is for anyone that is ready to make the major commitment to a making lifelong change in under a year. This MasterClass include everything from the 30- and 60-Day Challenges, access addition VIP video library & access to the VIP MasterClass Facebook Group.


These MasterClass Programs were developed to make a long-lasting, healthy & stronger life accessible to a larger population. I have long-time experience with the life-changing power of fitness and nutrition and I wanted to find a way for many others to connect as well. I know it can be scary or intimidating to start this journey on your own, which is why this process is so powerful! Everyone will benefit from the programs if they just commit and engage, and now they can do that in a safe and friendly setting.

With the masterclasses, you find out how to stay in control and never lose your path. We begin with covering an introduction to my services, kitchen auditing, mindset prepping and the best methods to optimize your results. Following that, we jumpstart into your transformation while learning the basics of nutrition, habit tracking, exercise safety, the psychology of transformation and more. After you graduate each masterclass you then can progress into the VIP MasterClass where you will work closely with me on mastering your habits, developing simple but effective skills, and get the all-included package including training programs, nutrition planning, full access to the mobility library and more!

What I want is to find individuals who are ready to jump in, work hard, and embrace the program with an open mind and attitude. The masterclasses CAN transform your life, and I am looking for individuals who will represent the programs by putting their best foot forward. If this sounds exciting and something you want to try, fill out an application ASAP! I can’t wait to meet you.


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