Scott is the owner and trainer at Pell City Fitness. A career law enforcement officer and Warrant Officer in the Alabama National Guard, Scott has dedicated his adult life to the service of country and community. Scott served as Marine Patrol Trooper for Lake Logan Martin so his dedication to the Logan Martin and Pell City communities is nothing new. Scott grew up on Logan Martin Lake and has lived in the community for a number of years.

Scott started his CrossFit journey in 2012. He was extremely obese and out of shape. Like many others he thought “I’m not in good enough shape for CrossFit.” He was wrong. He was challenged to give it a try and hasn’t turned back. Scott has lost over 90 lbs through his CrossFit journey and maintains his goal of “better tomorrow that I am today.”


Scott served as a Warrant Officer in the Alabama National Guard. It was always his dream to serve his country. Scott's personal transformation allowed him to finally join the Army in 2014.

Law enforcement

Scott first started his weight loss journey in 2011 after a fight gone bad with a criminal. This new found fitness allowed him to become a State Trooper where he stayed until he opened his gym in 2017.

Personal Transformation

Scott's personal transformation gives him a competitive advantage when it comes to helping people lose weight and get in shape. He's been through it before so he knows you can do it as well!

October 2012 (left)

March 2015 (right)

"A second transformation"

After opening Pell City Fitness in 2017, Scott began focusing on his clients more than he focused on himself. After only a year of running his gym he realized he had put on nearly 40pounds!!! He buckled down again and put focus on getting his health back under control!

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