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Weight Loss

Blast off pounds in only 42 days

At Pell City Fitness, we pride ourselves on our weight loss program. Coach Scott has lost over 125lbs himself so he has first hand experience in helping those who have never been able to lose weight.

Our three-tier system has been proven to be incredibly effective at blasting POUNDS of fat in only 42 Days.

  1. Nutrition – The foundation of our weight loss program, our customized meal plans are easy to follow. We provide you with hundreds of delicious recipes you can prepare in only minutes, even if you are inexperienced in the kitchen.
  2. Fitness – With both in-house and remote training programs, we take away every excuse you thought you had to not work out.
  3. Accountibility – We provide you with a weight loss coach who will guide you through the weight loss process. Your coach will be your personal weight loss assistant to ensure you get the best results possible!

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